Sonu Nigam caught in South African legal tussle

Lata MangeshkarPlayback singer Sonu Nigam is upset by the flak Lata Mangeshkar has got for her opposition to a flyover in central Mumbai's Peddar Road where she lives.

'People's comments on Lata-ji's stand on the flyover issue have left me intensely hurt and shamed on her behalf. Have they forgotten who Lata-ji is? She isn't the only one raising her voice about the proposed flyover.

'But because she's a huge celebrity with an enormously dignified image, and also because she's a frail old woman, people feel she won't retaliate so let's make her a target,' an infuriated Sonu told IANS.

The Maharashtra government's decision to build a flyover on Peddar Road has raised a storm of controversy with Lata Mangeshkar, one of the most prominent residents of the area, vehemently opposing the move.

According to the grapevine, the melody queen has sent a letter to PWD Minister Anil Deshmukh threatening to leave Mumbai if the government goes ahead with its plans.

Though some have said she is overreacting, Sonu is firm in his belief that she is doing the right thing.

View Padambhushan-Ustd Ghulam Mustafa Picture GalleryHe added: 'Lata-ji is a citizen of Mumbai. She has every right to raise her voice against what she thinks is a wrong civic move. Why are they calling Lata-ji selfish?

'Instead of cornering Lata-ji why don't people write letters to the government asking for a permanent solution to the congestion problem?'

'To abuse a celebrity is the biggest past time of this country. She speaks on behalf of the entire locality. I am strongly against this humiliation she is being subjected to. She is too big to be humbled like this. We can't allow people to insult her in this way.'