Sooraj Pancholi: People expect me to be as good as my parents

Sooraj Pancholi: People expect me to be as good as my parents news
Jahnavi Patel By Jahnavi Patel | 03 Sep 2015 19:13:55.9530000 IST
We all think that being a star kid it is going to be easy for them to make it into Bollywood. But have we ever thought about what they have to say about it? Well, everything has a flip side to it and so does this. It hasn’t been that easy for Sooraj Pancholi, who is making his debut in Bollywood with HERO. In fact, he had this added pressure to live up to the expectations.


Says Sooraj, “It’s not easy being a star kid, in fact it is the toughest. Some people get a platform, but sometimes, people don’t. It’s very luck by chance that you get one.”

Talking about the only advantage they have, he said, “The only thing that you get by being a star kid is that you get to meet people more easily.”

But of course, you need to be talented to survive in this industry and Sooraj very well knows that. He said, “But the talent, hard work & everything is only up to you because there are so many expectations. In my case, both my parents are actors so people expect me to be as good as them which I can’t be because they have been around for 20-25 years.”

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Further talking about the expectations of his parents, he said “The expectation is not only from the outside, it comes from your house too. Your parents expect you to be as good as them. So there is a lot of pressure and a lot of hard work that goes with being an actor’s son/daughter.”

We feel you, Sooraj, we actually do. We know how it feels when you have to live up to your parents’ expectations. We hope they aren’t let down.

This was Sooraj Pancholi’s take on this topic. Watch this space for what his co-star Athiya Shetty has to say about the same thing.