Sooraj Pancholi: Tiger Shroff and I laugh about our comparisons

Sooraj Pancholi: Tiger Shroff and I laugh about our comparisons news
Jahnavi Patel By Jahnavi Patel | 07 Sep 2015 18:41:34.2970000 IST
It has become very common for two actors to be equated with each other. The very handsome Sooraj Pancholi, who is making his debut with Salman Khan’s HERO is already being compared with the HEROPANTI actor Tiger Shroff, but that isn’t bothering the newcomer. In fact, the youngsters know each other since childhood and have laughed off the comparisons.


Co-incidentally, Sooraj who is being compared to Tiger is doing the remake of Subhash Ghai’s 1983 film with the same name in which Tiger’s dad, Jackie Shroff was the lead. When we see a film being remade, most of the people generally tend to compare the two actors. When asked Sooraj about it, he said, “If I get compared, I won’t get compared with Jackie sir because he is a legend. I think I stand nowhere right now to be compared with him. The original HERO was about 25 years ago and I can’t do what he has done.”

He feels that if comparisons are bound to happen, they will be with the younger generation. “If I’m getting compared, I’ll get compared to the newer boys. I might get compared to Tiger but not with Jackie sir definitely,” said Sooraj.

We then told him that everyone has already started comparing him with Tiger. Ask him what he has to say about it and Sooraj gave a very positive reply saying, “I take it positively because I think it’s a good comparison. I think I’m the only newcomer coming after Tiger. His film was called HEROPANTI and my film is called HERO. With the same age, we both are fair, we have the same height and we both dance but he dances better.”

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Further telling us how they laugh about it, he said, “Of course there are going to be comparison, but in real life, Tiger and I laugh about it because I feel we’re way beyond this; we’re like brothers. We know each other since we were born.”

He also said, “It’s a good feeling for both of us that we’re getting compared because I think we both want to go ahead and I’m sure we’ll both support each other and go ahead.”

We’re happy that you’ve taken the comparisons with Tiger so positively, Sooraj! We also hope that this HERO does as well as the original one.