Sorry Mr. Salman Khan

Sorry Mr. Salman Khan news
img By Vishal Verma | 17 Jun 2017 13:05:43.1800000 IST

My Dear Salman Khan,

I am sorry,

I am sorry to write this to you in spite of the fact that I am not your diehard fan and have never taken your comments seriously. I am aware about your limitations as an actor and your awareness about what is happening in our country.


You are a ‘mass’ hero and a befitting example of star power/clout amongst his followers. I salute you for remaining popular for decades but your recent comment on war that in a way supported the ‘aman ki aasha’ philosophy doesn’t sync with the sentiments of the ‘aam aadmi’ for whom you are still the ‘innocent’ hero - a 50 + kid/boy.

No, absolutely not - your comment on war is not the reason for my reaction, it’s a diplomatic statement and nobody wants a war. My concern is about the way our film fraternity is hesitant, choosy in their remarks when it comes to important/concerning issues of the nation.

As you have ‘timely’ used the issue to promote your upcoming film TUBELIGHT, I am also happy to shoot from your shoulder in expressing my concern over this chosen silence and protest by Bollywood from time to time.

Look where you have landed, in spite of your statement against war during a promotional event of TUBELIGHT, the plans to release TUBELIGHT in Pakistan has jeopardized, it’s certainly not releasing in Eid and the date is uncertain. Your statement, your unmatched star power, plus the record breaking collections of BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN and SULTAN had no effect on the local distributors of Pakistan.

So is there something beyond business?.. seems to be!. But when will our dear Bollywood understand.

Either they prefer sitting pretty on the fence like Ranbir Kapor, Ranveer Singh, etc.. or choose to open up on occasions like megastar Mr. Bachchan (most of the talk of women empowerment during PINK and ‘choosing’ to be silent on other important incidents). Superstar Rajinikanth and many.

The politically correct and much aware lot like Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan have changed their statements after backlash. The ‘tolerance’ episode is a befitting example.

Few like Anupam Kher and Anurag Kashyap speak in open indicating their stand loud and clear.

If fear of backlash is the reason for Bollywood celebrities and role models then why make a statement at all. And if made then why take a U turn. You are a role model, people look at you, follow you. The argument of art should not be mixed with anything else is not always correct. According to me, every artiste is a human being first and a human being is bound to react. Art deals with emotions if I am not wrong.

My only concern here is to make our dear Bollywood fraternity including you realize that you are a role model and a role model should take a stand without any fear. Hollywood legends like client Eastwood, Meryl Streep etc.. have done that in expressing their concern over the establishment. Why should Bollywood lack behind in raising its opinion.

What a pity, celebrities don’t want to influence people with their political belief but can ask men to be ‘fair and lovely’ and influence the nation to consume unhealthy aerated drinks for money, even make them rethink about their choice of briefs, cosmetics, etc - the products which they may not be consuming in reality.

Am sorry Salman Khan, I used your statement during promotion of TUBELIGHT to throw this light on our dear Bollywood fraternity. And a personal advice, I admire you not for your acting skills but for your unmatched love for your family but strangely you don’t use the brilliance of your father - the legendary writer Salim for your statements in public. Pls consider this humble request. You may increase your fan base.
Yours truly

A common man and a Bollywood fan

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