Southern film gearing up for Bollywood rivalry

If an actor fails to make it big in Bollywood, then he/she either heads off to Hyderabad or Chennai or else get married and settle into some kind of business. Nowadays, even hit stars like Kareena Kapoor are being lured towards the southern film industry. So what's the secret?

South reportedly offers more roles and more moolah for the stars. For instance for a Bollywood actress, like Sonali Bendre, a lead role in a Telugu film would fetch 70 lacs and upwards, which is unimaginable in Bollywood, unless of course you have a string of hits behind you.

For instance, it was reported in the media, that Rani Mukherjee had taken up Chalte Chalte for 11 lacs and even when Karisma Kapoor, fresh with the success of Raja Hindustani, asked for 55 lacs, she lost on many projects.

So what does all this mean? When it comes to paying actors, Bollywood beware, it has a rival, ready to take on some of its talented actors.