Sports a passion or profession find out on June 1!

We have seen sports films in Bollywood like CHAK DE INDIA, DANGAL or a biopic on Milka Singh BHAAG MIlKHA BHAAG or MARY KOM with so less films catering to sports being made we often see that sports is the least important thing discussed or thought as a subject in Bollywood.
Forget Bollywood Infact in many schools and colleges sports quota is considered negligible.
With rising growth of infrastructure in school and colleges the management takes into account the classrooms, IT room, Ac classrooms but spend nothing on playgrounds or even hire sports instructors, many colleges and schools don’t have sports as a subject nor they have a swimming pool.
Hockey being our national game no school proveides teaching that sport but expect India to represent the country in olympics. Cricket is the only game that too men’s cricket that is spoken and highlighted. This year we saw women flagging off our country in weight lifting and cricket but handful of people know.
With sports being the least important topic and schools not focusing on such an important issue at an ground level of children’s growing year this is indeed a matter of concern.
With entertainment we can bring about some knowledge and wisdom that they start utilising barren land as a playground and not construct a building.
BEDHADAK film gives out a message that why sports is a huge concern. The makers of the film have released a video which is so touching and beautiful wherein the parents seek admission for their Daugther and how not having playground is a matter of concern.
With education comes sports too. A child’s overall development is essential not everyone is an engineer and a doctor. There are cricketers, swimmers.
It’s time when people understand that extra curricular sports is a profession by itself.
With BEDHADAK talking about sports and doing their bit, the makers have released the song as well as teaser and now the trailer of the film will be releasing on Monday May 14, 2018.
The film stars Girish Taware.