SRK and Ranbir Kapoor coming together in an international project?

SRK and Ranbir Kapoor coming together in an international project? news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 17 Nov 2016 15:16:54.9800000 IST

If all goes well, King Khan Shah Rukh Khan and heartthrob of the nation Ranbir Kapoor will star in Russian producer Alexey Petruhin’s ambitious project VIY: JOURNEY TO INDIA.


The producer, who is attending the Russian Film Festival that opened in Mumbai yesterday evening, has reportedly told a leading newspaper daily about this, the producer has been quoted by the paper saying, “We have approached SRK to be the lead actor and also the co-producer of the film. We are awaiting confirmation from him. The other actor we have approached is Ranbir Kapoor. We want to bring SRK and Ranbir together.”

VIY: JOURNEY TO INDIA is the third installment of the VIY franchise. The second installment titled VIY 2: JORNEY TO CHINA has Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger co-stars in it.

The second installment of VIZ series is on similar lines with the Indian franchise, informed the director while elaborating more on this to this daily. Jackie Chan is the lead actor and co–producer of VIY 2.

Director Alexey hopes SRK will participate in the same capacity as Jackie Chan in this project by becoming the co–producer and play the lead actor.

If all goes well, this project reportedly estimated to cost around 40 million US dollars, could be the casting coup as bigger as YRF’s THUGS OF HINDOSTAN that stars Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan.

Director Alexey calls VIY: JOURNEY TO INDIA as a mystic adventure thriller and dreams to shoot his ambitious film with SRK and Ranbir Kapoor in India and parts of China, underlining it to be SRK’s first major international project in bold.