SRK makes a world record for Anushka Sharma

Beginning with the pad challenge with PADMAN to Kamariya challenge with STREE, now SUI DHAAGA: MADE IN INDIA is making rounds with its 'sui dhaaga' challenge and it is widely accepted by many of the Bollywood stars. Threading a needle is that one critical thing which cant be done by anyone easily unless you are professional in it. It is too exciting to see our actors performing some household stuff casually off the screen. The current Sui Dhaaga challenge has pretty engaged our stars to surpass the test. Akshay Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor,  Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar among others are some of the celebs who tried to ace the 'sui dhaaga' challenge. Though Ranbir succeded the challenge it did take him some time to clear it. 

But how much time does it take actually to put a thread through the needle? 15 secs? 30 secs, a minute or at times infinite. We have one really big professional here who just did this tough task within a blink of an eye. Guess who? It is none other than the Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan who effortlessly nailed the challenge and proved again as a Baazigar. Apart from his romance, he is also known for his humor on screen and off screen. He shared a video of him on social media doing the 'Sui Dhaaga' challenge by holding a hammer sized pin and a thick thread which is naturally possible even for a kid to clear it. but a challenge was given and it was supposed to be done so he just did it no matter what the size is. This act of him will just give you gigs. Anushka couldn't resist reacting to Shah Rukh's art and titled it as a world record for doing it in 0.0000000001 seconds. Take a look.