SRK’s journey upto ZERO in his own words

He learnt a lot about love, hate sometimes sadness. The baadshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, completed 26 years in the film Industry popularly known as Bollywood. To celebrate the occasion, the woman behind Shah Rukh Khan’s success journey presented a video where Shah Rukh is spilling the beans of what he learnt in all these years. From a being nobody to being the Baadshah of the world’s most popular entertainment destination. Here we present an excerpt from the video (embedded below). Even if you are not a die-hard SRK fan, you should catch up with the learning and the humility expressed by him.
SRK began from:
1992 He learnt to gain confidence by transforming his nervous energy to stand up in front of the camera from being a FAUJI to a DEEWANA.

1993 SRK oscillated from being a (Raju Ban Gaya) Gentleman to BAAZIGAR

1994 He learnt competitiveness the kind that made him passionate and also learnt that sometimes being over competitive results in bad ANJAAM

1995 Being Raj in DDLJ as called lovingly, taught the baadshah the meaning of love

1996 He realised Love is short lived and wasn't for Raj

1997 Blessed with son Aryan

1998 The best way to do anything is to do it. Do everything DIL SE

1999 He was crowned as BAADSHAH and he hopes he is worthy of it for the rest of his life

2000 Daughter Suhana was born, as also PHIR BHI DIL HAI HINDUSTANTI taught him the importance of risk taking and duty of being a father

2001 The Baadshah was crowned as yet another as Asoka with long hair.

2002 Brought the DEVDAS in him!

2003 CHALTE CHALTE he realised life is too short – live laugh and Love KAL HO NA HO

2004 Realised beauty of Unconditional Friendship - MAIN HOON NA

2005 was a bit of a PAHELI

2006 learnt It’s good to be a little bad but not as bad as DON

2007 showed his love for the country on big screen for which he is very proud and held his head up and say CHAK DE INDIA

2008 and 2009 Simplest of man have greatest of heart RAB NE BANA DI JODI lighting up the life

2010 With MY NAME IS KHAN he realised that there is nothing in name; it only matters who you are from within. Quotes Shakespeare quote “A rose by any other name shall smell the same”

2011 He fulfilled a child wish by being a super hero RA-ONE

2012 SRK lost his mentor and shall remember him JAB TAK HAI JAAN

2013 Shake off sadness by being mithaiwala and get on CHENNAI EXPRESS and 2014 by HAPPY NEW YEAR made some people laugh

2015 With DILWALE he allowed to shut out negativity

2016 Solved people's problem being a RAEES

2017 Being Dear Jeh unsolicited advice for DEAR ZINDAGI

2018 Playing a vertically challenged person still standing tall with all the love for ZERO.

All these years for him has gone by a flash and after 26 years still he feels \"Picture Abhi Baaki hai mere dost\"

Well, for us and all you fans out there we’d want to say… It’s just the beginning… Sir.