Sylvester Stallone’s RAMBO: LAST BLOOD gets a release date

Sylvester Stallone (Pic. Courtesy: Instagram)

Action star Sylvester Stallone's RAMBO: LAST BLOOD, the fifth instalment of the RAMBO franchise, will hit the theatres on September 20. It will release 37 years after the series started with FIRST BLOOD, reports The story centres on Stallone's John Rambo crossing into Mexico and taking on a violent cartel when the daughter of one of his friends is kidnapped.  RAMBO: LAST BLOOD also stars Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Yvette Monreal.

Adrian Goldberg is directing from a screenplay by Stallone and Matthew Cirulnick.

Stallone, who was 36 when the first film premiered, will be 73 at the release of RAMBO: LAST BLOOD.