Stan Lee in need of a hero himself

In this superhero age of film making there is a single person who is attached to just about every project and has had an influence not only on the youth but also has greatly influenced storytellers all over the world. Stan Lee is in himself a world builder and has given countless stories that made people believe in themselves and has helped people cope up with during hard times.
His contribution was not only limited to comics but to films as well as he has a cameo in every MCU film, and finding him in all those films gives the audience something to look forward to and not just the film. The way filmmakers sneak him in and give him a small part but one to remember is a fun activity.
Stan Lee, creator of countless heroes, is in need of one in real life. Lee is suing his former manager for alleged fraud, financial abuse of an elder, conversion and misappropriation of his name and likeness.
Lee accuses his former manager, Jerardo Olivarez of being one of many “unscrupulous businessmen, sycophants and opportunists” who sought to take advantage of Lee following the July death of his wife, Joan.
The lawsuit states that Olivarez manipulated Lee into getting rid of his banker, his lawyer, signing over the power of attorney to himself, loaning $300,000 to a fake nonprofit and buying an $850,000 West Hollywood condo.
Stan Lee is considered as a deity in the comic book culture and to see the 95 year old going to such horrors is heartbreaking.
Stan Lee is credited with collaborating with other artist and creating superheroes like SPIDERMAN, THE HULK, DOCTOR STRANGE, THE FANTASTIC FOUR, DAREDEVIL, BLACK PANTHER, THE X-MEN, and, with the addition of co-writer Larry Lieber, the characters ANT-MAN, IRON MAN and THOR.