Steven Soderbergh’s THE LAUNDROMAT to focus on the Panama Papers scandal

Being one of the most visionary directors of our times, Steven Soderbergh has delivered box office hits throughout his career and while doing so he has come up with innovative ideas and methods for distribution as well as production.

On his last film, Soderbergh resorted to shooting an entire feature film using just an iPhone which goes to show that if you can think it you can very well execute with no necessity for an expensive film camera which gives indie filmmakers a hope to go out and achieve their goals.

For his next project, Steven Soderbergh is planning on making a film about the Panama papers scandal titled THE LAUNDROMAT which rocked the world when revelations about financial details of offshore accounts belonging to many world leaders were revealed.

After experimenting with phone camera and unconventional methods, the director will probably switch back to using a digital filmmaking camera for the film as the scope of the film with various locations and technical aspects demand advanced equipment.

In addition to that, Steven Soderbergh has also produced the upcoming female led OCEAN’S 8, which is a spinoff from his OCEAN’S trilogy.

The Panama scandal had brought light into the hidden financial dealings with many world leaders name being mentioned and some of the records went as far as 1970’s which shows how long this nexus of hidden financial operations have been going for.
It remains to be seen as when the film starts production as not much is revealed about the project except for the title.

Steven Soderbergh (Pic Courtersy:
Steven Soderbergh (Pic Courtersy: