Subhash Ghai's KAANCHI: First flick to strike revolutionary Auro sound note!

Subhash Ghai's KAANCHI: First flick to strike revolutionary Auro sound note! news
img By Glamsham Editorial | 15 Feb 2014 09:27:29.5100000 IST

Famed for embracing new technology in his movies, Subhash Ghai will once again introduce a new and revolutionary sound technology termed Auro 3D 11.1 with his upcoming venture KAANCHI.


With this feat, KAANCHI will be the first Bollywood film to be mixed with Auro 3D 11.1 sound, the technology which has revolutionized cinema viewing experience, the world over.

With sound reproduction closest to natural hearing, Auro 3D 11.1 aims at giving the audience an immersive experience. The technology produces maximum immersive sound through minimum speakers and amplifiers. Also, this is the only sound technology in the world that is DCI compliant for ease in distribution.

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Wilfried Van Baelen, inventor and CEO, Auro Technologies said, ''Auro 11.1 incorporates a unique height and overhead channel which allow for natural lifelike sound with sound waves coming from every direction, just like they do in real life. And we are happy to associate and launch the technology in Bollywood with a visionary film maker like Subhash Ghai.''

A beaming Subhash Ghai said, ''I was just blown away with this new sound technology of Auro 3D 11.1, with sound waves coming from all directions. I can't think of releasing KAANCHI without this magnum sound technology in theatres. KAANCHI has that canvas of locales in the first half and complexities of sound in the second half, which this technology will enhance. You will have to wait and watch to experience.''

Auro 11.1 will truly transform the manner in which one experiences a movie in a cinema theatre. Auro 11.1 has been touted to be the new standard in sound technology. Movies such as THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN and RISE OF THE GUARDIANS have incorporated this state-of-the art Sound Mix by Barco - Auro 11.1.