Sugandha Garg: JUGNI has brought a lot of music back into my life

Sugandha Garg: JUGNI has brought a lot of music back into my life news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 21 Jan 2016 16:33:26.3900000 IST

You have seen her in popular movies like JAANE TU… YA JAANE NA, MY NAME IS KHAN and TERE BIN LADEN. Yes, we’re talking about Sugandha Garg who is soon going to be seen in JUGNI, after which she will be seen as the girl obsessed with her make-up in TERE BIN LADEN: DEAD OR ALIVE. We caught up with the actress and here’s what she had to say...


Can you tell me something about your role in JUGNI?
She’s a music director and works in Mumbai. She’s fiercely independent but then none of her work is get okayed. So she’s really stuck – in a relationship which is not going anywhere and even at work. To find inspiration, she goes to her Hazanpur where she meets Mastana who’s a local artist there and they kind of fall in love with each other. The only thing common between them is music. They are from absolutely different worlds – he’s from the village and she’s from the city. So basically it’s the story of what happens between these two.

How special is the movie for you on a personal level?
I think I connect with my character’s bit of adventure and feel that I’m a bit like that. This character and movie got me a little closer to who I am. I connect to the idea of just picking up a sack, leaving and going to explore a new place as a women traveler.

'I think JUGNI is pretty women-centric'

You seem to be inspired a lot by Kangana Ranaut and Vidya Balan. So would you want to do women-oriented roles like them? If yes, which?
It’s something I said in an interview and now it seems like I’m inspired by them. Of course I am, but it was just a question I was asked. Sometimes it become cheap to continue taking names of people who’ve become big. I think JUGNI is pretty women-centric. It is the story of Vibhavani and how she’s dealing with things.

You are a singer too. So do we see you come out with a single anytime soon?
I think that’ll be fun. I also write my own songs so I think that’d be great. JUGNI has brought a lot of music back into my life and maybe it leads to a single as well.

Have you contributed to the music of JUGNI as well?
No, no. Not at all. When you have an album which has Mr. Rahman and Vishal Bhardwaj, I absolutely have no credibility on giving music. When I’ll come out with music, will do something on my own for sure.



So will you be acting in your own music video?
Yes. I think I like the idea of making my own music and being in my own music video. If it’s my song, then definitely I would like to act in it.

Can you share some memories from JAANE TU… YA JAANE NA times?
I actually just remembered that I got JAANE TU… YA JAANE NA because I used to play a guitar. JUGNI also happened because they were looking for someone who had an understanding of music. So I’d like to thank my guitar. As an actor, JUGNI is a film I’m very proud of.

'I got JAANE TU… YA JAANE NA because I used to play a guitar'

One TV show you would like to host in the current times?
I’m more into travel shows, so it would be a food-based travel show.

So you wouldn’t like to host the Hindi reality shows like ‘Bigg Boss’, ‘Indian Idol’ or ‘DID’?
No. Not at all.

Tell me about your future projects?
I have TERE BIN LADEN: DEAD OR ALIVE and there’s also a British television series called ‘Indian Drama’. It’s aired in UK and now being aired in US. So I’m busy in that till March. After that, let’s see where I want to take my career.