SUI DHAAGA's first track CHAAV LAAGA will bloom your day

Team SUI DHAAGA is leaving no stones unturned to promote their film, as the lead actors Varun and Anushka are now travelling from state to state to promote the film. With the logo of the film being stitched by 15 various artists across India, the team also shared some inspirational stories of certain stitching artists who have paved the way to stand apart. 

The trailer created a lot of buzz as it features Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma in completely unusual roles and also depicted their characters which raised an excitement among the fans. Apart from the trailer fans too had to hold the excitement for the songs of the film as there hasn’t been a track that has rolled out. Today from this highly anticipated film the makers have now unleashed the first track from the film ‘Chaav Laaga’ that shows a compassionate relationship between Mauji and Mamta. So watch and listen to this beautiful track to see the bonding of the much loved Mauji and Mamta.