Ekta Kapoor’s Zabaan Sambhal Ke is indeed a binge watch!

Zabaan Sambhal ke was one of the pioneering shows of all time we have loved the sitcom back then in 90’s which had power house of actors like
Pankaj Kapur, Rajender Mehra, Vivek Vaswani and many more.

The show is back with a bang on Alt Balaji’s app which features Sumeet Raghvan as the Hindi teacher and by seeing the trailer we simply can’t stop laughing.

Zaban Sambhal Ke is short and sweet as there are three episodes only, but it surely gives us a hearty laugh!

The ensemble cast of new Zaban Sambhal Ke is quirky and this reboot version is for the new generation, it has double meaning which makes us laugh and sometimes we feel it’s simply added to make it more enjoyable.

The first episode starts with introduction of all the students wherein Sumeet Raghavan is essaying the role of Pankaj Kapur’s character. Shoma Anand is seen as the principle which was earlier played by veteran actress Shubha Khote’s in 1993’s original show. Bakhtiyaar Irani is the Parsi man which was previously played by actor Dinyaar Tirandaz., Ashwin Mushran is the Sheikh from Dubai, Rupali Bhosale is the fisherwoman. Meenakshi Chand is Bhojpuri actress; Tanu Khan is an NRI who is also an adult actress.

The show revolves around students who have come to learn Hindi and how they learn the language and make you laugh at the same time.

The show has dialogues which will make you lol one of the instance wherein the students tells Raghavan 'Jee toh kar raha hai aapke muh mein de doon." And, he later adds 'ghee shakkar'. An Arab student introduces himself to an English woman, which leaves her perplexed. His name is Al Fakr and the lady misunderstands it initially.

The track majorly revolves around the porn star and Hindi teacher Sumeet Raghvan.

There are some funny dialogues by the pornstar wherein she adds double meaning to every line and misinterprets many things.

The professor hides from the principal the students that he has let in a pornstar to be the student as she urged to study Hindi, the secret with many goof ups is what the three episode is all about.

The last episode is the concluding one wherein only the receptionist knows that they have an adult star studying in the institute.

Decade’s popular TV show Zabaan Sambhal ke which has memories attached to us is old wine in a new bottle and a refreshing twist and tint of humor to it.

We certainly can’t compare the two as there is a huge generation gap in the narration and the era has also evolved.

The new version is certainly worth watching and one shouldn’t be biased and compare the two. Both the versions has its own charm and wit.

Talking about the performances of each one , all the students have done an amazing job especially the porn star who adds humor to every screen and her body language makes us laugh instantly, needless to say Sumeet Raghvan enthralled us in Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai did play his part well as the harassed and honest teacher in Zabaan Sambhal ke.

Ekta Kapor is one person who knows the nose of casting and can never go wrong with recreations and sequels. She has given us our favorite 90’s show again and we certainly can’t stop binge watching it on Alt Balaji. The original show’s director, Rajiv Mehra, has directed the show under his banner Eagle Films.

Rating: 4/5