Sunaina Roshan pens down a note for brother Hrithik Roshan

Regarded as Greek God of Bollywood, actor Hrithik Roshan is one of the most handsome and great actors we have. Apart from acting his dance and moves make fans go crazy and wild. He is one of a kind with whom every actress would love to share a screen once. From his romantic role in KAHO NA PYAR HAI to his rustic character in AGNEEPATH Hrithik has never left his fans dead with his performances.

Apart from his professional life, Hrithik is a loving father and a loving brother. The actor is often spotted with his kids hanging out in the city or also flying abroad to enjoy vacations. Besides he also shares a great bonding bond with his elder sister Sunaina Roshan who is two years elder to him. For fans and others he is Hrithik but for her he is Duggu. 

Sunaina in her blog ‘Zindagi by Sunaina Roshan’ often writes about her personal life and her experiences. In her recent blog post, she has penned down her sisterhood with bro Hrithik as she reveals a lot about him since his childhood till being an actor. She says though being a young actor Hrithik has always been protective in the growing years. During his childhood, Hrithik was pretty shy and reserved but was jubilant and bold when he used to be with his sister. Today Hrithik slays with his hot chiseled body and flexing arms but as a kid, he was never a foodie and used to survive a lot on fresh air says Sunaina. Dancing was his passion since childhood as he praised Michael Jackson and today he has the world matching steps with him. Throughout his life, Hrithik overcame two of the most difficult situations of stammering and an incident had happened that had almost put an end to the dream of being an actor and dancer. Sunaina had been very emotional and worried when Hrithik had been through a lot more severe situations and she still does cares a lot about him.

Hrithik and Sunaina give us perfect sibling goals to grace up the brother-sister relationship.