Sunil Grover's comic take on married woman woes

Sunil Grover's comic take on married woman woes news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 09 Mar 2017 11:52:36.5330000 IST

Comedian and actor Sunil Grover has donned various roles, be it films or the famous ‘THE KAPIL SHARMA SHOW’, from being Gutthi to Dr. Mashoor Gulati, he does it all.

He even portrays Rinku Bhabhi which is loved by everyone on television.

Sunil Grover gave a very special ode to all the ladies on this Women's Day. Titled ‘Mere Husband Mujhe Pyar Nahin Karte’, the song is a comic take on all the woes a quintessential married women faces, in Sunil Grover's trademark Rinku Bhabhi style.

Speaking about the same Sunil Grover says, “I've been wanting to release this song for a while now but have never found the perfect time to do it. With this song, I wanted to give a comic and fun take on what could possibly be going on in the minds of married women across India. And what better day than Women's Day to do it. Why Women's Day should be celebrated and why it shouldn't be? has been discussed for way too long, and this video will break through that clutter. And I think Rinku Bhabhi owes this special treat to all her married female fans who given her immeasurable amounts of love all year through. If I am able to make them laugh and feel good about themselves, that's the thing what will call for a true celebration!”

You simply can’t miss Sunil Grover’s hilarious song!