Sunil Pathare takes the non-commercial route for MEERA

Sunil Pathare

Maxwell Entertainment and A Roopesh Rai Production MEERA is the result of Sunil Pathare 's long and interesting journey of exploring different creative endeavor. His passion for photography & landscape painting mixed with his passion for storytelling & his knowledge makes him one of the most sorted Directors in Bollywood.

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For his debut directorial, Sunil Pathare took the non-commercial route & chose to direct a sensitive, rather a much needed topic around the world- women safety"Looking at the situation not only in India but around the world, there should be many more films like MEERA. If we have a medium like Cinema which is followed & loved all around the world, we must practice it to bring a change. A good idea & a thought- provoking message, if executed well, will always find an audience. Once an idea resides in my mind, nothing deters me from seeing it through."

As a young filmmaker who is full of ideas, Director & think tank behind  MEERA Sunil Pathare, aims to venture into unexplored realms of film making by experimenting with though provoking themes and subjects, one of them being MEERA. He envisions delving in to revolutionary and untrammeled areas and thus be able to discover his inner self using the limitless possibilities and scope of cinema.

Talking about MEERA the film is 30 minute long piece depicts an alternate reality where there are no law stopping men from committing violent sexual acts against women. The story unfolds in a different way and puts lots of question for viewers to address. Even if she stood over… Will society accept her easily? Will her Life be simple as it was earlier.?? What should be the punishment for such a Crime.??