Sunny Leone: I love children but don't think that I'll be getting pregnant anytime soon

Sunny Leone: I love children but don't think that I'll be getting pregnant anytime soon news

Sunny Leone is back with her hot and bold avatar in MASTIZAADE. But did you know that this hot babe relates more to her geeky character ‘Lily’? Here are some more interesting revelations she made during her interview with us.

Here are some excerpts:

How was your experience doing this film?
It was all about fun; joking all day long. I mean it was the funniest sets I have ever been around.

Why did you take up this project?
When Rongita and Milap met Daniel (my husband), Milap narrated a few scenes from the movie. And right after that, Daniel called me up to inform that they are coming upstairs and I have to hear this story. This was the first time I saw Daniel so excited about the story. When they came upstairs, Milap told me the first half of the movie and it was so funny! When I think of these types of movies, I don’t think about ‘Oh my god! What are people going to think, you cannot do this!’ All these things don’t go through my mind because I have grown up watching these types of movies - AMERICAN PIE, MEET THE MILLERS. It’s like so crazy. This movie is walking in the park compared to those movies. Comparisons with Jennifer Aniston , Cameron Diaz is really funny. I think of the story, the movie. MASTIZAADE came to me right after RAGINI MMS 2 so we thought it was nice to make comedy. We just wanted to have fun and do a film which is just funny. So, that’s how the movie came about.

Milap has said that when he approached you for this movie with the script he had just narrated the first half and then he had to make sure that second half must be more interesting then the first half. Do you think the first half is as interesting and fun based as second half is?
I think the second half is. If you watch it as a women, you will feel the same way. The second half is more for women than for the guys. The mother is crazy, the father is crazy, the brother and sister are crazy and that’s what makes it fun to watch. So if I am watching as a girl, I liked all the characters created. So, the first half is funny, outrageous and crazy, but when you meet the family in the second half, it’s even crazier in a different way. I like the second half and I loved that he had made such a cookie family.

You are playing double role in the film. So which character you liked the most - Lily or Laila?
Lily. I like Lily more because she is closer to my own personality then Laila is. Laila has been created for the world and that’s how people see me. People see me as Laila and that’s the reason when Milap was telling me the story, I liked Lily more than Laila. When he said I play double role, it worked for me because I get to play two contrast characters. The people see who they want to see and there are also seeing other person that is me too, will be interesting.

How difficult was it transforming from Lily to Laila?
It was easy for me to become Lily. Because she is goofy, crazy, funny, makes faces and completely opposite to her sister who is always sexy, beautiful and provocative. I found Laila more difficult. Rongita and Milap had to tell me all the time, “Ok Sunny now you are Laila, you remember seeing,” and I used to be like no! I had to switch it in my head then, which was more difficult.

Which was the craziest moment in the movie?
My favorite moment is when Laila has a nightmare, wakes up she says, “Mujhe woh karna hoga jo maine aaj tak kiya nahi” (I will have to do something that I haven’t as yet), and the next morning she sees herself covered from top to bottom in the saree. She is doing puja, aarti (worshipping Tusshar’s idol) in ‘Baby Doll’ song remake. It has the same tone with some modification in words. That’s my favorite scene and I am dying to the people's reaction on this.

Do you fear being typcasted?
There is nothing I can do about it. I can’t do anything about how I look sexy. So if people want to typecast me, it’s ok. It does not bother me as long as it bothers someone else. My job is to do my job. The next two movies are different. They are not in the same zone of this movie. I don’t know if I can make one of these movies unless it will be on the scale of which we made here. The feel, love and whole look of the movie is so rich and grand. Everybody keeps asking me when you are going to do serious movies with serious actors? To me this is just as serious and just as hard as doing something else. But now it awaits to be seen whether people like seeing me this way or another way.

If you get offered an action or thriller, would you take that up?
Of course, I love action. Anybody who has worked with me knows that I like action. I love thriller too. however probably will remain to have a special place.

Do you see as a producer in near future ?
'RAGINI MMS one is my favourite ‘Baby Doll’ version'

Milap has said that shooting for the climax was the most difficult thing. Was it difficult for you also?
When you watch the movie, there are two Sunny. So, every time where you see two Sunny’s, we had to shoot, freeze and everybody waited. I had to go, change and get into the other character - from Lily to Laila, which took lot of time. Even in the songs - in the first song where we are together romancing, doing the steps, walking near the pool, we had to wait until I turn into another character. The camera also had to stay still, then I changed and came back.

Was it tiring for you to switch from one character to the other every time?
It wasn’t because of Rongita and Milap. I loved on working on the sets so much that I did not mind. I loved the idea of becoming something you are not or becoming something totally different. That’s the fun. PNC, Milap and the AD team made sure that If I am Laila in the morning they used to finish everything of Laila in the morning. Then post that, they used to finish everything of Lily. So, there was nothing going back and forth. That was only one day that they asked me to switch back and then they cut the scene! It was upsetting but then I was fine.

Would you like to do a biopic and on whom?
I am not sure. I haven’t been offered to be somebody. It doesn’t interest me. I must take something different that catches my eyes.

Which is your favourite ‘Baby Doll’ version?
RAGINI MMS one. It’s so popular and I got lucky with that song. They gave me the song which the whole country has fallen in love with. It definitely changed my whole world and gave us remake of this song for MASTIZAADE. This movie doesn’t have the full song, it’s just the part.

It is reported that you would like to take a step ahead into motherhood. If that type of roles are offered to you, would you like to play a mother?
Sure, why not? I actually play a mother in one of the movies that I am making. I love children but don’t think that I’ll be getting pregnant anytime soon. My comment was taken out of context and turned into a completely different. This moment there is so much going on that it would be not wise to get pregnant.

How was it playing a mother?
It was fun. I love children. It’s definitely something I would love to have in future. I had just thrown a house party and there were tons of kids in my house running around like maniacs. Children make me feel happy.

If there is a sequel to MASTIZAADE, would you like to be part of it?
Of course. I don’t even have to think about it. I think this movie is so funny. Of course I’ll make sure to have a few different things from the two sisters in the next movie.

What is happening with TINA AND LOLO and ONE NIGHT STAND
I am not sure about TINA AND LOLO, but ONE NIGHT STAND will probably be the movie which releases after this.

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