Supriya Pathak: I wish I was like Hansa in real life

‘Khichdi’ is one of the most loved TV shows of all times. We still remember the days when families would be glued to TV sets, and enjoy the kickass comedy.

We all were joyous when the audience got to know that the ‘Khichdi’ family will be back, after 12 years.

Who can forget the stellar cast of KHICHDI which has Supriya Pathak, Rajeev Mehta, Vandana Pathak, Anang Desai, JD Majethia and many more.

In conversation with Supriya Pathak as she spoke about playing the iconic character ‘Hansa’ for the second time and how different is the new season of ‘Khichdi’.

How does it feel to be back with ‘Khichdi’ as Hansa, to which Supriya said, “We all have been telling JD and Aatish to get it back for the longest of time. And when we got to know that its back, our happiness has no bounds. I always believe that ‘Khichdi’ is a show that runs on the innocence of all its characters and I think that really worked for us.”

Speaking about her role Supriya said “I love Hansa. I know she is foolish and we have worked her that way but I love enacting the role. I am happiest playing Hansa. In fact I enjoy doing the role, and I know I will miss her once we wrap up shoot.”

Are you relatively close to ‘Hansa’ that you play onscreen to which she said, (smiles), I really wish I had a part of Hansa in me in real life. I am not like her,” adds Hansa.

As the show is coming back after 12 years what is the newness that the show brings to its ardent viewers, “I feel that people are happy with the characters and would relate to it, our previous audiences would love watching Khichdi once again, and the newer generation would also like it.”

‘Khichdi’ will air on star plus from April 14 air every weekend 8 pm.