Suraj Sharma: I would love to work with Alia Bhatt

Suraj Sharma: I would love to work with Alia Bhatt news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 21 Mar 2017 17:53:01.8200000 IST

Actor Suraj Sharma rose to fame with LIFE OF PI and later also featured in Homeland. The young actor has done several international projects and has won accolades for the same.

Suraj Sharma is making his Bollywood debut with Anushka Sharma’s PHILLAURI. Contrary to popular belief that Suraj can’t speak Hindi let us inform you that Suraj is from Delhi and he is a Punjabi and can speak Hindi very well.


In a conversation with Suraj Sharma he spills beans about his Bollywood debut, working with Anushka and his future plans.

On being asked about how did be bag PHILLAURI to which he replied, “I was looking for projects and I auditioned for the role. I heard the script and I loved it, it’s unusual and different, on the lines of comedy as well as fun and romantic, PHILLAURI has flavor of everything hence I connected instantly with the character. It has a powerful actor like Anushka and Diljit as well.”

The movie has super natural elements in it and also has Anushka playing a friendly ghost, so when asked if he believes in ghosts the actor replied, “I haven’t come across anything as such.”

Later we asked him what is his favorite Bollywood genre, Suraj informed, “I love watching all kinds of movies, action, drama, comedy everything.”

Furthermore on being quizzed about how was it working with Anushka and who else does he aspire to work in Bollywood, Suraj shared “It was nice to work with Anushka, she is fun as well as a very good actor. Apart from Anushka I like Alia Bhatt and would love to work with her.”

Lastly when we asked him what are his future plans he said, “I will soon be continuing with my college. I am a student.”

Here’s wishing him all the very best for PHILLAURI.