Sushant opens up about his first love!

It comes as no surprise that the multi-faceted actor Sushant Singh Rajput has a good line up of films, he is currently shooting for KEDARNATH, afterwhich he will be start filming for CHAND MAMA DOOR KE.

Sushant has been falling under the spotlight for all the good reasons right from Bollywood to Entrepreneurship debut and association with the Government of India. Of late Sushant has also been following the Power of Trinity to manage his social media accounts, looks like that has been working in his favour, he has people flooding with good comments about him. Not only this, he also responds to close to 200 followers on his social media, his replies are motivating just like his posts. He knows how to inspire, he knows how to stay grounded and he knows exactly how to use his intellect. Take a look at some of these images from his social media account-

Sushant Singh Rajput has been in the midst of a lot of controversies of late, speculations have been high that his movies are not meeting their deadlines of release. In most recent events we have heard, that Sushant’s DRIVE has been pushed indefinitely, and he has been interfering with the edits of his films. Well, let’s put two and two together, on the movie front, Sushant has been doing exceptional work, with six movies in the pipeline.

While he has finished shooting for Karan Johar’s Drive, Ronnie Screvala’s two back to back film KEDARNATH and Son Chiriya directed by Abhishek Kapoor and Abhishek Chaubey his next is the remake of Fox Star Hollywood blockbuster FAULT IN OUR STARS and of Sajid Nadiadwala and DANGAL fame Nitesh Tiwari’s next along with Mukesh Chabara’s next. He will also be seen in India’s first space film for which he has already gone to NASA once, for which this is what the NASA Technical team for sensors and instrumentation Dr. Upendra Singh, “I had a chance to see Sushant Rajput and I am extremely proud of Sushant, who is training as an astronaut and putting in tremendous effort. The Indian film industry has a bright future with bright actors like him. I wish him all the best in making an exciting movie, which can motivate kids in India and abroad to think about becoming an astronaut one day to explore a distant place.”

While Bollywood remains Sushant’s forte, his new venture Innsaei has been touching heights with different associations and emerging technologies. He has been focusing on making a mark in the world of technology through setting up different agendas through his venture.

If that wasn’t enough his passion for science is seen from his early days, we are aware of his engineering college days, though he later chose to become an actor, but the science in him is still very much alive. Last year, Sushant sent two students to NASA for education and now he aims to send out another 100 kids from India to NASA and assist 1000 kids from around the world for future education. He comes from a really humble family background, where the utmost importance was always given to education.