Sushmita Sen will be making a film for 18 years!

Sounds like the story comes straight from the book of Believe It Or Not! But this is true Sush is actually making a movie which will take her 18 years to make. We met Sush recently at the coffee house of JW Marriott hotel where we had an exclusive interview on her forthcoming films especially Paisa Vasool with Manisha Koirala.
Sushmita Sen
We asked her about the film she is making and this is what she had to tell us," I started making this film on my baby Renee the first day she went to school. I shoot everything she does - even if she yawns, I capture it. I even edit the film and will keep shooting until she turns 18. On her 18th Birthday I will present her the final tape which will capture her most important moments while she was growing up."

Interestingly, Sushmita won a legal battle perhaps the first in the Indian legal System where she was pronounced the legal parent of the adopted child of little Renee.

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