Swara Bhasker kicks off with a new role in the film industry

Swara Bhasker (Pic. Courtesy: IANS)

Actress Swara Bhasker has joined hands with her brother Ishaan Bhasker to to launch her production house -- Kahaaniwaaley -- aiming to create and support entertaining and hard-hitting cinema.

"The idea of Kahaaniwaaley has been in the works since the last year-and-a-half. At Kahaaniwaaley, the aim is to support good scripts and filmmakers that have these fresh and powerful stories but they don't get the right platform to showcase them," Swara said in a statement.

Ishan added: "There was a very popular Amrita Sher Gil painting - Ancient Story Teller - at our house in Delhi which served as an inspiration for Swara and me. The core idea of the painting is to tell stories which are compelling, fresh, raw and very different from the rest. Both Swara and I share a driven desire to make striking stories. Hence, when the opportunity came to set up Kahaaniwaaley, it fit our vision perfectly."

They are working on films and will announce the projects soon.