T-Series launches Adnan Sami's new album

Adnan Kisi DinBhushan Kumar of T-Series and Rashesh Kankia of Cinemax hosted the music launch of Adnan Sami's new album ?Kisi Din? in great style.

The launch began with the famous Lola Kutty giving a brief introduction to those present about Adnan's album and showed the audience present visuals of the fabulous video of the song ?Teri Yaad? before inviting Adnan Sami on stage, along with Bhushan Kumar, Divya Kumar, Tulsi Kumar and the video director Marlon Rodriques on stage after which Divya Kumar cut the ribbon and officially launched the album! Also present were Luke Kenny and model Pooja Mishra.

Bhushan Kumar of T-Series has also been the force behind Adnan's earlier hit ?Tera Chehera? which was a chartbuster in every quarter of the world; the song has lyrics provided by Sameer. Unlike Adnan's previous albums where his muse has always been Bollywood's recognized face, ?Kisi Din? introduces a fresh and lovely face 'Avanne' in the melodious song 'Teri Yaad'. Adnan has also cast the striking and attractive Yana Gupta in the album's title track 'Kisi Din?. Best part is Yana has charged no fee for this song, as she is a big fan of Adnan!

With this new album Adnan Sami marks a 'weighty' change in his own life. In his much-anticipated new look, he's shed a lot of pounds and is looking quite different too. Well, music aficionados have a new album to look out for now!