Taapsee Pannu: I talk a lot with Bachchan sir!

Taapse Pannu is one actor who has her hands on every genre of film be it comedy, action or high intense role and this time it’s a biopic for her with SOORMA.
Taapsee is has done variety of films like NAAM SHABANA, BABY, PINK, JUDWAA 2, she will now be seen in BADLA and MULK.
Having worked with Amitabh Bachchan, to Rishi Kapoor to Akshay Kumar, this girl is unstoppable!
As she is playing a sports women in Taapsee we caught up with the spontaneous actor and a very talkative person off camera to know in-depth about the choice of films and what makes her believe she is different from other actors and her journey throughout!
As she has been part of action films and now sports film, when asked her what makes her choose scripts which demands her to be a tough girl and why she shies away from playing a girl next door, to which Taapsee says, “ I am not a shy girl at all in real life, I am more of a talkative person and full of energy, I have been a sports person when I was in school I would do many things, its like jack of all trade master of none. I have played basketball, volley ball, badminton and currently I play squash. I am an active sports person in normal life. So, I have a knack for almost every sport but I haven’t played it on a professional level. I genuinely have love for sports and I would love to do a sports film again, if given a chance. Also, I would like to do any sports biopic where I get to learn that particular sports. Having said that Sania Mirza's life is very interesting. But in SOORMA, I am very tough and raw on the field but when I am not playing hockey in the film I am a coy and shy. I must say shooting this part in the film was a little tough, as people have a pre-conceived notion that sports woman are tough and hard but my character Harpreet is different off-field.”
On being asked, Taaapse what was her reference point to portray Harpreet as she didn’t meet the person in real life to which Taapsee avers, “ Actually, I went by what Shaad Ali sir and Sandeep Singh told me about my character. From my end I just saw these sports women on screen, the way they talk, their body language on field. It was actually good in a way that I didn't have any reference point, I could easily mould it in a way how Shaad sir and Sandeep wanted. Shaad sir wanted me to be fiery and go getter on field but, off field I was asked to be very mellow. I am not a person who cries easily in life, so for me to get into that zone I have to literally go into method acting. Just before an emotional scene I don't speak to anyone, I will be quite in one corner. For me breaking down is the most difficult and challenging part to play.”
As Diljit is a very shy person and doesn’t talk much Taapsee on the other hand is quite talkative when asked Taapsee how was it working with Diljit and who broke the ice to which she said, “When I work with my co actors I like to break the ice because it helps me in my performance. If I have an awkward situation me and my co actor then I can't preform. So I am always the first one to make that move. With Diljit too I took the first step, Diljit keeps to himself on the set and he is kind of an obedient student. He would obediently follow the instructions of Shaad and perform. Being a talkative person, I broke the ice and we got along very well. Infact even while shooting with Amitabh Bachchan I speak a lot more and I am more friendly to him than I am with Abhishek Bachchan.”
Talking about Amitabh Bachchan Taapsee went on to say, “Having worked with a legendary actor like Amitabh Bachchan, it would be a tough choice. He is someone I really admire. When we worked together, I didn’t carry the baggage that Amitabh Bachchan is standing right next to me. I let go of that and went in an altogether cool zone with him and we have carried that forward ahead till today. He is just amazing. I have a very friendly relationship with Mr. Bachchan, since I have done two films with him. I can talk a lot with him, and sometimes I feel I need to shut myself up. I share more buddy equation with Bachchan sir.”
SOORMA will hit the screens on July 13, 2018.