‘Tab Bhi Tu’: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s melodious voice redeems OCTOBER's new song

The new song for the film OCTOTBER just released called ‘Tab Bhi Tu’ sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan on Wednesday. The song starts off with the iconic singer’s voice with a soothing background track to accompany it.
The song has a melancholy vibe to it and it shows the mood of Varun Dhawan. The video of the song shows a very bland life that Varun Dhawan’s character finds himself in the mountains with a few breath-taking visuals and some glimpses of the constant stale state that Varun finds himself in.
Music by Anupam Roy captures the feel of what the film is going to be like with a bleak outlook and a stark difference Varun is associated with. Lyricist Tanveer Ghazi does his best to give Rahat fateh Ali Khan a good lyrical stage to base the song on.
Other than that, the song feels empty; it lacks a certain personality to it which without Rahet fateh Ali Khan’s voice wouldn’t even had made it in the film.
Keeping in mind the basic theme of the film, the song feels like it will not be long before we forget the song and move onto something that we can relate to.
Produced by Ronnie Lahiri & Sheel Kumar, OCTOBER releases on 13th April 2018.