Taimur steals Varun Dhawan's spotlight

After gaining critically success in OCTOBER, actor Varun Dhawan is living off his high of a different role he portrayed as opposed to his regular film choice.

Having celebrated his 31st birthday a couple of days ago today he shared a meme of himself with Taimur.

The image shows, a verbal chat between Varun and Taimur and the latter pulling his leg, it is a nice and funny meme with not much to read into it.

Taimur Ali Khan who turned one has already created a huge fan following for him, his pics usually trend on social media.

Taimur is the kid of the hottest couple in Bollywood with hordes of fans talking about him daily and sharing pictures on social media. He is the most sought after star kid and at his tender age enjoying the stardom.

As things seem right now, Taimur may never need to steal anyone else’s spotlight as he dwarfs anyone who is seen with him grabbing media attention and love from everyone.

Taimur may never have the need to go out of his way to attract attention as he belittles and outshines everyone he is seen with. The fans adore him and the media can’t get enough of him.

Varun Dhawan seems to have learnt and is basking in Taimur’s glory, the future seems bright for the toddler.