Taissa Farmiga's horror tale

Pic Courtesy: Instagram/ Taissa Farmiga

Actress Taissa Farmiga says she gets scared easily, and that helps her portray roles in horror films. 

"I mean to be honest, I don't know why I am in this film (THE NUN). I don't know why this keeps happening. I mean the horror films. I choose a script based on how they make me feel, how the story and the characters make me feel, do they ignite something inside me and the genre takes a back seat," Taissa told IANS.

"But the thing which I will say about doing horror films, for me, is that because as a person who gets scared so easily, it is quite easy for me to tap into the fear," added the sister of multi-talented Vera Farmiga.

Taissa was seen in the first season of Ryan Murphy's horror anthology series American Horror Story. She came back to the series in Coven as a teen witch and followed it up with an acting stint in the 2015 slasher comedy THE FINAL GIRLS.

She was also seen fighting Valak, the demonic nun, in THE NUN, which was brought to India by Warner Bros Pictures.

Talking about shooting the film, she said: "When I am on set and when I have Valak breathing down my face, it is easy for me to be there. It is easy to be transported to 1990s of Romania and (think) that I have a demon about to take my soul out.

"So it helps me play the character if I am so easily scared in my normal life."