Tamannaah Bhatia gets candid on Famously Fimfare

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How Tamannaah Bhatia got her first Telugu film
"I was writing my board exam. After I wrote my board exams, I got a call from Mr. Mohan Babu. He called me and told me about this movie. I said, 'Sir, sorry, I'm writing my board exams and I will come to Hyderabad after writing. He said, 'No, we have to do the casting now and announce the film.' So, I was like, 'Sir, I have my board exams. I can’t leave and come to Hyderabad.' So, he said, 'It’s okay, I'll come.' It’s really sweet of him, he came down with Dashrath Sir. They met me and signed me on for my first Telugu film."

Tamannaah Bhatia’s go to style
"I feel I'm feminine mostly. I like something feminine, flirty at the same time, I like formal. Like you will find me wearing a shirt versus a casual outfit. I mean I feel casual in a formal outfit. That's my comfort"

Tamannaah Bhatia’s take on item numbers
"Because you watch Hindi movies. In Hindi movies, the top actresses do item numbers and they are so gracefully done. And we all love those songs, when we are in parties, or with friends, we dance on these songs, we sing and enjoy the song. So, I dont see anything wrong in it. I think, before I did those songs people would think that a particular heroine's career is coming to an end, she is not getting movies, so she is doing such songs. I was like, no, I'm doing it while I'm in my peak. I dont want to do it when people think it’s not a good thing to do because I love doing it, I love watching those songs. Those songs are inspiration. When we watch Katrina Kaif, we feel like having such a body. We feel like dancing like her. It is also a kind of performance. It's not like you are yourself because nobody wakes up feeling like that."

Tamannaah thinks Rana should have been this if not an actor
"His marketing skills are amazing. If he was not an actor, or if he would do anything apart from that, I think something in marketing."