Tanushree Dutta's karmic connection

Tanushree DuttaTanushree Dutta is amongst the few who has made the biggest strides in Bollywood in the shortest span of time. She has 3 films which will be released back to back, Subhash Ghai's GOOD BOY BAD BOY', Priyadarshan's DHOL and Raj Kanwar's RAQUEEB.

Tanushree portrays a very intensive role with three dimensions to her character in RAQUEEB. Co-incidentally she has been associated with the pedigreed Khanna's for her latest films. In the just released RISK though she didn't share screen space with the charismatic Vinod Khanna, her co-star in RAQEEB is Rahul Khanna. "Vinodji was always an Idol. He was so charismatic, a true superstar. Even Rahul is a fabulous actor. He has got that intensity onscreen, which will be seen in RAQUEEB. He was great to work with. The Khanna's are truly a pedigreed lot!? says Tanushree.

Tanushree is excited about all her back-to-back 3 releases this summer!