Tanushree puts Rakhi Sawant to shame!

Eagle Eye By Eagle Eye | 21 May 2007 00:00:00 IST
View Raqeeb Movie StillsRAQUEEB according to Tanushree Dutta has love-making scenes which the actress alleges the director has used a body double. The director, Raj Kanwar says the film is out and ?everyone knows what the truth is.? Well, truth is that there were no such ?objectionable scenes? which the actress expressed her fright about a few days before the release. As a viewer, one saw that Tanushree was quite comfortable doing what she did with Jimmy Sheirgill, Sharman Joshi and Rahul Khanna. The only bold scenes would have to be her clothes and heaving cleavage for which her face was shown. There could not have been a body double here. What I draw from this is that the actress has timed her ?fear? to perfection and the media, yet again, for want for glam stories, have fallen prey to this without even bothering to find out the facts. Like her foxy character in the movie, I can see Tanushree slyly grinning at the hullabaloo created by a scene that wasn?t. As for the mileage she got out of this ?created controversy?, it will put even a Rakhi Sawant to shame!!!