TASHAN under surveillance from Finland!

S Abid By S Abid | 19 Apr 2008 00:00:00 IST

download TASHAN wallpapers

download TASHAN wallpapers

With their first major release of the year less than a week away, even the makers could not have imagined the kind of stalking and monitoring their movie has been under. Well, it's obvious that we are talking about India's premier production house, Yash Raj Films and their forthcoming action extravaganza, TASHAN.

Ever since the year 2006, when Yash Raj announced plans about their multistarrer TASHAN, the venture has been closely followed by a 20-year old Finnish girl called Sanni. The reason being her favourite Bollywood phenomenon in the movie. She has given the phenomenon a new nomenclature and it is Sakshay. Well, it's the short form of Saif and Akshay. Sanni is a die hard fan of the 'jodi' of Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan ever since the time they both appeared together in YEH DILLAGI (1994), co-incidentally for the same banner Yash Raj Films.

Some of the interesting reasons that Sanni, a Bollywood blogger from Finland gives are that Saif and Akshay have not done a single, honestly good movie together. But she adds that Sakshay has previously been cheesy, unintentionally amusing, vaguely homoerotic and undeniably entertaining. Sakshay has previously been 90's. Now Sakshay is sleek and cool, 2000's Bollywood. And that is what is going to make TASHAN the best ever movie for perhaps the biggest Saif-Akshay (or Sakshay!) fan, Sanni from Finland!

Well, to be honest we are amazed and are quite keen to check out the Anil Kapoor, Sakshay (!!) and Kareena starrer on the first day of its release, that is April 25th itself!