Teena Singh: In our profession, we have to shoot even when we are not feeling well


AKIRA actress Teena Singh is taking the digital world by storm with her latest projects. The talented actress, who is extremely committed to her work, would go to any lengths required to play the part right. Her new series 13 Mussoorie on Viu may have given her a role that she could never possibly forget.

Speaking about a particular scene from the series, Teena who portrays the character of Nisha Gosain, revealed, “There is a scene in 13 Mussoorie which required me to lie dead in a muddy hole for 6 hours. That same day it was pouring very heavily and for continuity sake, even when it stopped, we had to make it rain artificially. As the stored water was freezing cold, I caught the chill while shooting in the water and was unwell for a few days later.”

“Fortunately for me, my next scene happened to be in a hospital where I had to shoot playing comatose in the hospital bed. I was extremely tired and exhausted from the previous day and was unwell while shooting for the scene. So I didn’t really have to act and was quite relieved for not having to do anything hectic according to the script. In our profession, we have to shoot even when we are not feeling well, as the dates get blocked in advance” she further added.

Teena’s devotion to her profession is truly commendable! To catch the phenomenal performance of Teena Singh in 13 Mussoorie, stay tuned to Viu every Fridays!