Telugu male stars seem to be storming world of Hindi entertainment

img By Enkayaar | 18 Apr 2012 16:58:54.4470000 IST

There was a rumor that Abhishek Bachchan would be starring in the remake of one of the arguably 'the' cult films of Hindi cinema ZANJEER, but Apoorva Lakhia the director of the film has decided to rope in popular mega Telugu star Ram Charan Teja to enact the role of the police inspector that was made legendary by Big B. Most of the leading stars of the Hindi film industry would have given their right arm to enact the role of Inspector Vijay, but the director Apoorva Lakhia thought otherwise. The industry may have doubts whether this calculated gamble would pay off, But Apoorva Lakhia is convinced about his choice.

Now lets' turn our attention to the new advertisement of Thumbs Up which has a new face in the form of superstar from Telugu films Mahesh Babu. Thumbs Up was one brand which before the advent of Mahesh Babu had stuck to Akshay Kumar for eight long years, before it decided to replace him this year with Mahesh Babu.

Is there any connect between the two premises that have been forwarded? Indeed there is a phenomenal connect, first and foremost is the fact that they have a cult following in the world of Telugu cinema and secondly they have the age on their side or rather are spirited youth. Could this have been one of the factors why the makers of ZANJEER remake penciled on Ram Charan Teja.


Indeed, the overriding factor that seems to have facilitated in taking the decision is that both these stars represent the youth of the present times. For Thumbs Up which has been a brand representing youth, to continue with Akshay Kumar was an existentialist dilemma but they have decided to bite the bullet and with the theme of parkour being the guiding factor in new advertisement, Mahesh Babu seems to be gaining ground among the fans all over and in particular in the Hindi belt.

One thing that needs to be underlined in the context of choice of Mahesh Babu is the fact that Andhra Pradesh is the biggest market for Thumbs Up and by choosing Mahesh Babu as the brand ambassador they can further gain deep roots in the market. The choice of Mahesh Babu is also guided by the spirit of the present times characterized by executing an activity in a group mode rather than individually, which was the theme as long as Akshay Kumar was the brand ambassador for Thumbs Up.

Besides, Ram Charan Teja's cult fan following in Andhra would ensure a good opening for the film, and fate of films these days is decided by the footfalls on the opening day and subsequent two days.

As far as the choice of Ram Charan Teja for enacting the role of Inspector Vijay is concerned, a brooding actor was required, and Ram Charan Teja fits the bill perfectly. Being the unknown face, there is an anticipation that he would let the character speak rather than allow the star to dominate the character (would have happened if a popular star from the present times had been chosen) and could give the role of a police inspector from ZANJEER remake a new interpretation.

In the present times the invasion of male Telugu stars started with Rana Duggabatti and with Ram Charan Teja and Mahesh Babu also making overtures, Hindi cinema and world of advertisement could have interesting times. Watch out for the space how the cookie crumbles.