Tenaliram's Rishina Kandhari makes the most of her Diwali break

Tenali Ram fame Rishina Kandhari

Actor Rishina Kandhari is back from a refreshing trip to Sri Lanka. The actor, who was there for seven days, visited places such as Kandy, Colombo, Mirissa and Bentota. Talking about her trip, she says, “Colombo was all about food, shopping and sightseeing. We went for a city tour and visited all the famous eateries. Ministry of Crabs, Galle Face Hotel was my favourite there. Kandy was all religious temples. I went Buddhist temples known as Gangaramaya temple and Seema Malaka temple. We even went to the Elephant orphanage where I played with the elephants, gave them a bath, showered with them and had a lot of fun with them.”

She adds, “From there, we went to Bentota. It was all about beaches, we did lots of water sports and beach activities there. I also drove the speedboat for the first time as risk and speed attracts me and gives me an adrenaline rush. Our hotel was right at the beach so it was like a private beach for us where I enjoined swinging on the beach rope swings. We even went to Mirissa for whale watching and spotted two huge blue whales, which was outstanding. We also saw the turtle hatchery where they breed the turtle eggs and release the babies in the sea and learnt about different species of turtles.”

The actor was accompanied by family, which made the trip even more exciting. “I went with my mom and my daughter, it was a much-awaited trip as it was a girls’ week out. It was like 3 generations going out together and we hadn't done that for a long time. It was a mini break for Diwali which we all got and decided to make this plan,” says Rishina, who plays the role of Goddess Laxmi in TENALIRAMA.

Rishina agrees that holidays are a must. “Any normal person needs to rejuvenate himself because life becomes very mundane and monotonous otherwise. So, if you take a little break then get back with a bang, it keeps you focused and energetic,” she says.