TERA INTEZAAR Movie Review: Attention, Worst Movie Award Voters

Tera Intezaar movie poster Tera Intezaar movie poster
Tera Intezaar movie poster

Here is the one which makes your search easier. A horrific mismatch of Hollywood INCEPTION and GHOSTBUSTERS meeting Bollywood’s MADHUMATI in this dokedhukhi (headache) of the year that saw the light thanks to the controversy surrounding PADMAVATI. Khee khee, hee hee.

People fly into paintings and get transported in a world that has flying mangoes in this cinema (cinema? really) that makes the audience roar in shock and disbelief.

And here is the story behind that flying mango. Veer Singh Rajput (Arbaaz Khan) is a painter by passion ( he paints cars, trees, oceans like your toddler) one day his imaginations get sensuous and he paints a portrait of a woman. The portrait turns out to be of Raunaq’s (Sunny Leone) in real. Raunaq runs an art gallery.. Oh how convincing and easy!. Veer and Raunaq meet fell in love and start singing duets in slow motion on a beach and other exotic locales.

Three thugs in badly designed suits lead by Arya Babbar that includes Salil Ankola ((yes that ex cricketer) and an unrecognized wooden expression accompanied by a lady played by Bhani Singh want to steal Veer’s paintings. God, first of all the paintings can be challenged by a kid studying in a primary school and secondly, Veer is not a professional painter but this Babbar gang wants the loot and they are an irritating bunch of art collectors.

Later after another sensuous song and that Barbie item that pops from nowhere but by this time you have stopped complaining as the whole scenario is about what, and why? for the audience, things take a surreal supernatural turn proving that thrillers can be devastatingly horrifying in wrong hands like the director Raajeev Walia and the writer Anwarullah Khan this time.

The thugs try to steal Veer’s priceless ‘art’, it seems the maker is convinced that the audience are completely naïve and the ‘aatmas’ of Vinci, Piccaso and Angelo wont cringe.

Anyways, there is more if you are still here, NAACHE MAYURI fame Sudha Chandran makes her appearance as the one who knows about ghost and she also gets confused when she enters the house of Veer surrounded by those paintings, she says, “Jis tarah se saari cheezein mujhe clear nazar nahi aa rahi hain waise hi tum bhi mujhe clear nazar nahi aa rahi ho" ( which means things are not clear), yes we have already agreed on that right from the first reel.

Ironically, targeted for the massy ‘aam’ junta, TERA INTEZAAR is such a disaster were the flying ‘aam’ (mango) in the film again haunts me as I failed to get any answers behind this high level of absurdity and wonder why sometimes things turn so bad that its good fun.




  • Release Date

    Nov 30, -0001

  • Movie Duration

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Writer: Anwarullah Khan

  • Production house: Bageshree Films

  • Music Director: Raaj Aashoo

  • Director: Rajeev Walia

  • Producer: Aman Mehta,Bijal Mehta

  • Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

  • Actress: Sunny Leone,Sudha Chandran,Richa Sharma

  • Actor: Arbaaz Khan,Aarya Babbar,Salil Ankola