TERI BHABHI HAI PAGLE Movie Review: What A Joke!!


Should have been titled ‘The Great Bollywood Laughter - Challenged’ this wannabe comedy helmed by Vinod Tiwari suffers the well known bimari (disease) observed in juvenile filmmakers who believe anything is up for grabs and gags. Starring Krushna Abhishek and Rajneesh Duggal, this ‘torturetainmnet’ in the name of ‘entertainment’ is an example on how to create an absolute nadir in the name of art, cinema and/or entertainment.

Needless to add, such movies do add to the chorus to the voice of having warning signals in movie posters similar to those on alcoholic drinks, cigarette packets and other tobacco products. TERI BHABHI HAI PAGLE is a complete humdrum of an affair. The story revolves around Raj Chopra (Krushna Abhishek – his way of spelling his name not mine), an actor and a producer and Dev (Rajneesh Duggal), a first time director. Both Raja and Dev decide to make a movie titled ‘Love in Goa’. The lead actor and producer Raj falls for the lead actress Ragini (Nazia Hussain).

They land in Goa and add further trouble to the proceedings inside and outside the screen making everyone go bonkers. The shooting unit has landed without a proper permission; Raj seeks help from his financer cum underworld don Aru Bhai (Mukul Dev) to solve the legal hazard. The don cum financer – Aru arrives in Goa with his ‘Kafila’ (entourage) and he too gets smitten by the charms of Ragini. Rest is how Dev and Ragini battle the desires of Raj and Aru.

A tragedy in the name of comedy, TERI BHABHI HAI PAGLE is everything except a film; it’s in a way ironic to find yourself trashing/criticizing a movie which is already beaten to death by its own creators. A comedy that dies a premature death within 5 minutes, observes the inability of celebrated comedians on television like Krushna Abhishek struggling to act on silver screen. Rajneesh Duggal fails to add any nuances to his limited acting capabilities. Mukul Dev as Aru bhai is somewhere near to his character. Nazia Hussain has to sharpen her acting chops seriously. Deepshika as Aru’s wife is fine. Other comedians like Sunil Pal and Khayali Ram are wasted.

The great Charlie Chaplin once said, “In the end, everything is a gag’.. Ironically, TERI BHABHI HAI PAGLE is a joke on its own. A comedy that later tries to give a sermon against piracy ironically might have been developed as a weapon against the growing demon of movie piracy and released in theatres as a proof, TERI BHABHI HAI PAGLE is such a joke in the name of cinema - it can even make the unaware piracy mafia pleading for help and fleeing away.

Rating 1/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Krushna Abhishek, Mukul Dev, Rajneesh Duggall
  • Actress: Nazia Hussain, Deepshika Nagpal
  • Director: Vinod Tiwari
  • Producer: Vinod Tiwari
  • Screenplay: Vinod Tiwari
  • Music Director: Anamik Chauhan, Vijay Verma