The curious case of RANGOON: Pahlaj <i>Ji</i> please book VB also for his 'Junoon'

The curious case of RANGOON: Pahlaj Ji please book VB also for his 'Junoon' news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 07 Mar 2017 17:12:43.6170000 IST

RANGOON may have failed to dhadkao (beat) the jiya (heart) of its target piyas (audience), but the Vishal Bhardwaj’s attempt to go mainstream hasn’t lost its steam in creating controversies that has ‘reel’y (read really) gone from ‘real’ to surreal.


Reportedly, RANGOON is now in serious legal trouble for playing in theatres without the censor certificate and without flashing the anti-smoking statutory warning.

The original Hunterwali (Fearless Nadia – Mary Ann Evans) the inspiration behind Kangana Ranaut’s character - Miss Julia in the film will be in dilemma in heaven whether to thank Vishal and Kangana for bringing her back to life or keep a hunter ready for them and CBFC (to know why CBFC?, please keep on reading) whenever they meet.

Poor Vishal Bhardwaj (VB) a brilliant filmmaker whose craft is a cut above others in Bollywood (but sadly only a select few understand) had the explosive idea to twine the Hunterwali reality with a period war fantasy in RANGOON but bad luck doomed when Roy Wadia – grandson of the pioneer JBH Wadia (the original creator of Hunterwali) from the company Wadia Movietone Pvt. Ltd filed a case against VB for copyright infringement. Finally RANGOON came out of this and the movie got released on schedule.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the movie got cut short by 20+ minutes and mostly the portion of Miss Julia played by Kangana Ranaut were chopped off. Vishal Bhardwaj, who has remained unmoved by CBFC, alleged dictate especially regarding warnings during consumption of cigarettes and alcohol remained undola (unmoved) like his previous MATRU KI BIJLI KA MANDOLA incident and may have chopped the warning in protest dobara (again) in RANGOON. This time he didn’t even care to add a humorous song composed specially for this as he did in MATRU KI BIJLI KA MANDOLA.

CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani says, “Best possible action will be taken against the digital operators, to begin with.” Why only digital operators and not the makers, they are also equally responsible?

Personally, the writer of this piece is not happy with Pahlaj ji’s decision and believes that the maker Vishal Bhardwaj should also be booked? And yes I am serious.

VB’s MATRU KI BIJLI KA MANDOLA may have its lovers and haters but that humorous song composed specially to comment on anti smoking disclaimers onscreen was undeniably a moment of entertainment for everyone. This song tried its level best to cover the lack of entertainment value in the film.

VB’s attempt to go mainstream with RANGOON neither showed the anti smoking disclaimer nor it had any entertaining creative comment against the disclaimer like MATRU KI BIJLI KA MANDOLA had. As we all know RANGOON is a failed attempt and may be a repeat of a disclaimer on the lines of MATRU KI BIJLI KA MAN DOLA may have provided some entertaining moment to the audience.

Pahlaj ji pls book VB also for this ‘serious’ offence for the misfired ‘Junoon’ called RANGOON.

(Disclaimer: The write up is a light hearted take on the issue and involves figment of imagination, the opinion, belief and comment are of the author and the website doesn’t hold any responsibility)