After watching The Dysfuntional family many of you will be open about sexual orientation!

Alt Balaji never fails to churn out some cut through mainstream bold content be it XXX, The Test case, Haq se and many more. Ekta Kapoor has made her be it movies, television or web the content is the king and the way she tells the stories it has various shades and layers to it which keeps the audience hooked.
And then came The dysfunctional family which marked the debut of Barun Sobti and Kay Kay Menon which talks about a beautiful family in turmoil and has various layers to it.
The 10 episodes of the show is full of roller coaster ride and entangles relationships and there are twists in turns.
From showing family values to touching upon a LGBT issues, showing the daughter of the house lesbian and having certain scenes which are high on emotions which only Ekta Kapoor would have had the guts to show on web.
The Ranaut family as the show says is a madhouse of various characters. Starting with the first episode ‘Meet The Ranaut’ introduces the characters of the family. Where Vikram Ranaut’s (Kay Kay Menon) alienated brother Samar (Barun Sobti) , who had escaped from home and army 8 years before, returns home with his Mrs. Sonali played by Eisha Chopra. It begins as an unusual family reunion slowly turns into a series of heartbreaks, secret betrayals, and emotional breakdowns and trust in relationships.

The story also focuses on Vikram Ranaut ‘s daughter Aditi Ranaut is heartbroken as her childhood best friend Nandita Sood is getting married , there goes a lesbian track.

As we go deeper into the series, we fall in love with the adorable idiosyncrasies of the Ranaut family. There’s the always-high matriarch of the Ranaut family, Premlata Ranaut (Swaroop Sampat). Premlata is fun, upfront and will make you LOL. She is high on life and with one liners.

Elder son, Vikram Ranaut (Kay Kay Menon, making his digital debut), is a frustrated, angst-ridden ex-army officer, who was forced to quit the army because of a debilitating leg injury he suffered in the line of duty. That incident has left him bitter, cynical and unhappy with many things around.

Vikram’s wife, Geeta Ranaut (Shriswara Dubey), is the docile housewife, who binds the family, and listens to her husband all day long even for her son who is unable to speak, she faces the brunt of his shortcoming.

Samar Ranaut (Barun Sobti) is the younger son of the house, who had fled to Mumbai, partly to escape from being forced into the army by his elder brother, and partly, because he has a terrible secret to hide. The series begins with his return home after 8 years, with wife, Sonali (Eisha Chopra). Samar turns a restaurateur, but listens to his brothers hard words every now and then.

BarunSobti has put in a convincing performance as the mild-mannered younger sibling with a questionable past, making his legion of fans vastly happy in the process. Eisha Chopra is a self-assured performer, and her turn as the confident restaurant-owner grabs attention. She holds her own amongst the stalwart ensemble cast, a commendable feat.

Lastly, there’s Aditi (Sanaya Pithawalla), Vikram’s daughter, a rebellious teenager, and more importantly, a lesbian. Some of the best scenes are the ones that deal with Aditi’s sexual orientation. It is a sparkling role, one that conveys a lot in very little. Vikram just can’t accept her sexual orientation and attempts to change her mindset.
With one-liners and brilliant scenes such as the one where Aditi gives back to a guy trolling her on her lesbianism with an outstanding piece of stand-up comedy; and terrific performances from every member of the cast, this is one web series that is not only worth a watch but worthy of a re-watch and a re-watch and a re-watch. And each time, it’ll throw up a new facet to the story and the performances.
The show is high on emotions, drama, love, family values and why each one of us would relate to it as no one is perfect or the family is perfect!
There is certain dysfunctionality in family, the show teaches us how to be happy and be there for each other. Home is not in place but on family.

Each and every actor has outshined in their performance Kay Kay Menon needs no words he is power house of talent his expressions and dialogue delivery will wow you in each frame.
Barun Sobti is back and how for his fans, his charming appeal and the past that that he holds and shares is the turning point of the show. He aces his acting skills in every scene and you will surely like his new pair with Easha.

Sanaya Pithawalla has put in a brilliant performance, shining in her scenes and leaving a lasting impact on her audience. She’s definitely one performer to watch out for in the future.