The extraordinary transformation of Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt is awe-inspiring

The extraordinary transformation of Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt is awe-inspiring news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 01 Mar 2017 12:52:40.3200000 IST

This is how the heartthrob of the nation is transforming to play Bollywood’s most controversial man during the 90s in Sanjay Dutt’s biopic helmed by Rajkumar Hirani.

We saw him successfully adopting Sanjay Dutt’s gait when he started shooting with that long locks and the swag that Sanjay Dutt had during his prime – the KHALNAYAK days, Ranbir Kapoor is keeping no stones unturned to get the nuances of Sanju baba pitch perfect. It is heard that nowadays Ranbir is even behaving with Sanju baba’s trademark mannerisms.


And that’s not all, after putting on weight and getting beefed up, now we hear that the actor is getting inked for the Sanjay Dutt biopic a la the same way as Dutt. Ranbir will sport exact tattoos that Sanjay Dutt has on his body.

Don’t ask where but Sanjay Dutt’s body is inked with tattoos and Ranbir will sit down with the original tattoo artist to get a similar look. Reportedly, Ranbir has collected 200 hours footage of Dutt to get into the skin of his character.

How much will the Rajkumar Hirani’s directorial touch the controversy and political storm in its biopic we don’t know but the director in an conversation with us said that he will make an honest biopic and begin with Sanjay Dutt at the age of 17.


Currently Hirani is shooting the younger portions of Sanjay Dutt that appears to be during his prime just before the controversy. A source informs that the team has started putting together all that they need to figure out for the next schedule, which will show him play a much older Sanjay. The film also stars Dia Mirza in the role of Sanjay’s wife Maanayata and Paresh Rawal in the role of his father Sunil Dutt and Manisha Koirala as Sanjay Dutt’s mom – Nargis.