The five illusive characters you thought you know of

What happens when the thin line between illusion and reality blurs? We end up questioning anything and everything that meet our eyes. Same goes with these five characters from DOBAARA: Kabir, Alex, Lisa, Anna and Natasha.

DOBAARA: SEE YOUR EVIL is a story about a mirror believed to be haunted and how it becomes the source of misfortune for siblings who have lost their parents a decade ago.

As the tag line of the film goes ‘See your Evil’ all the characters in the film seem to have two different aspect of their personality and it’s a big question which aspect of their existence should we believe in.

Also the dilemma these characters are facing in their life becomes the reason why it’s difficult to believe any of them.

Have a look at Kabir, Alex, Lisa, Anna and Natasha and read why deciphering their fate is a big question in itself. 

• Alex Merchant

An Artist or a Murderer?

Caught between love and a lustful deception, what fate do his actions define for his family?

• Lisa Merchant Suspicious or Reasonable?

A loving mother and a wife whose world starts turning upside down with doubts about her husband. Is her destiny written in blood?

• Natasha Who is she?

We don’t know much about the fifth character Natasha. Is that because she is the main culprit? Or does she have nothing to hide?

All your questions will be answered on June 2. Till then stay tuned.

• Anna A Model or a Home breaker?

A seemingly harmless model, but is there more to her story? Does she leave an indelible scar on the Merchant family? 

• Kabir

A Culprit or a Victim?

Stuck between the worlds of reality and illusion, what does he end up believing?