The Hope shines at MAMI

'The Hope', produced by Suresh C Sharma and directed by Kamal Nathani, is an endearing story of triumph of life and living over nationalities and other human concerns. The film casts Rajat Bedi, Mukesh Tewari, Gayatri, Zakir Hussain, Raaj Hussain, Nishigandha Wad, Amar Talwar and Manish Wadhwa. This is the only Hindi feature film in the World Cinema category. The story is based using Kashmir as a backdrop; the film unfolds with the kidnap of a former chief minister. The ransom demanded is a hardcore fundamentalist, religious preacher turned terrorist Maulana Hasan Mehmood. To execute the task three commandos of the Indian Army are sent. The interaction between the Major and the intellectual leader leads to reassertion of humanism. Parallel to this is the story of a young girl Sabia, who is abducted as she stands up in protest to the burkha system forced on women. Sabia goes through a transformation from an innocent girl to a wounded woman as she is raped and on the run delivers a child. The fate of Sabia is linked to the dramatic journey of the Major and the Maulana. Seeing the birth of Sabia's child creates a profound impression on the commandos and the Maulana. Confused and determined they carry on with the HOPE of saving the child's life.'The Hope' was shot in entirely natural light in twenty days at Rohtang Pass, the world's highest motorable road. Sneha Khanwalkar has composed the film's music; she is the youngest music director in the industry. 'The Hope' is the directorial debut for Kamal Nathani and an endeavour in filmmaking in its purest form; without using make up, lights or even reflectors in a location that would daunt veterans. Nathani was associated with late producer Gul anand and worked on 'Chashma Badoor' and 'Jalwa', films that redefined the definition of parallel cinema. Nathani scripted and directed India's first full-length video film 'Doctor Doctor' in the early 80's.