THE INCREDIBLES 2 Trailer: Parenting might be the toughest mission for Mr. Incredible

The new trailer for INCREDIBLES 2 just dropped and it looks bigger and more incredible than before, after a hiatus of 14 years, Pixar has finally given the fans a sequel they have been waiting for.

The trailer shows a role reversal for the family and in this new film it is Elastigirl who is assigned on missions and Mr. Incredible has to stay back at home and tend to their super children who now seem to be now in control of their powers except for the toddler Jack Jack who is a surprise package in himself.

The trailer shows the superheroes being recruited by a man who wants to change the perception of the general public about superheroes and hired Elastigirl to be the vigilante and the face to represent superheroes.

The trailer also shows the family moving into a new house, and Elastigirl gets a new fancy sports bike, while Mr. Incredible is stuck at home and babysitting the kids which seems to be his biggest mission yet.

Frozone is seen too in the trailer and we can hear his wife still yelling at him off screen.

THE INCREDIBLES is still regarded as one of the best animated films of all times and the sequel has a lot of living up to do when compared to its first installment.

Directed by Brad Bird who also directed the first part and produced by Pixar animation, the film is scheduled to release in June 2018.