The looming violence over PADMAAVAT’s release will directly affect PAD MAN’s fate

Ever since the announcement of PADMAAVAT (earlier titled PADMAVATI) controversies refuse to haunt the film as well as the filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali. CBFC cleared PADMAVATI giving it U/A certificate but asked the makers to change the title of the film just to highlight the fact that it is a work based on epic poem ‘Padmavat’ by Malik Muhammad Jayasi and is in no way based on any historical figure.

The controversies regarding the film led to shuffle in not just its name but its release date as well which eventually impacted the entire industry as every other filmmakers made sure that their film is neither releasing right after/before nor with PADMAAVAT.

Now Akshay Kumar’s PAD MAN’s release date was already announced well in advance and they stuck to it but makers of PADMAAVAT not finding any other clear window chose to release their film as well on 25th January keeping in mind the extended Republic Day weekend.

Despite a clearance from CBFC and the certain changes incorporated in the film after CBFC’s suggestion the question regarding PADMAAVAT’s smooth release is still arising as few states have banned the film citing law and order issues upon its release.

But despite the highest judicial forum of the country giving a green signal to the film certain fringe groups are still issuing threats of burning down the theaters screening PADMAAVAT. None of these fringe groups are willing to bow down to SC’s verdict; they are still doing what they are known for i.e. disrupting the law and order.

Now a big question arise that amidst these threats of burning down theaters screening PADMAAVAT how PAD MAN will also the face the brunt of the situation. Because PADMAAVAT is a big budget film so naturally the makers of the film would be trying to release their film in maximum multiplexes. The fact that the film will also be released in 3D version ensures that multiplexes would want to make the most of this magnum opus of Bhansali but then if these groups stick to their threats and actually create ruckus upon the film’s release then do you think they will spare people on the basis of the film’s ticket they have bought? No they will blindly destroy theaters irrespective of the fact whether they are screening PAD MAN or PADMAAVAT.

Secondly if the law and order is disrupted then do you think audience will be willing enough to risk their lives just to watch a film? Who would take their family out amidst a tension filled situation? So naturally if things go out of hands after the film’s release then it would directly affect PAD MAN’s collection as well.

R Balki, director of PAD MAN had already expressed his displeasure over PADMAAVAT clashing with his film. Expressing his annoyance over this fact he was quoted saying in Mumbai Mirror as, “Our film was supposed to release on Republic Day from the outset. It's a free country and if people insist on a particular day, nobody can stop them. However, it is silly to clash in a small industry; there are enough dates for everyone. It's not the wisest thing for films to clash.”

First the clash and now the threats of not letting it screen even after Supreme Court’s order is definitely going to cause trouble to Akshay Kumar’s PAD MAN as well and eventually both the films will suffer. At the end of the day it will be a huge blow for the film industry.

The budget of PAD MAN is nothing as compared to that of PADMAAVAT and it has booked its release date way in advance but still it will be facing heat of the situation if things go out of hand on 25th January. So now the clash between PAD MAN and PADMAAVAT is beyond box-office collections.

Bollywood is offering two very diverse and interesting film next week as on one hand we have a film based on periods and on other hand we have an epic period film but unfortunately the fate of both these films will be in jeopardy thanks to the looming violence surrounding PADMAAVAT’s release.

All we hope that both the films have a smooth release and the hard work put behind these films by the respective filmmakers yield sweet fruits.



(With inputs from Keval Asher)