THE REDRUM: A LOVE STORY Movie Review: A disjointed and pointless rehash of a classic


First thing first, spell the movie name reverse, it will read Murder and it is a murder and not a single but triple in one go.

THE REDRUM:  A LOVE STORY which features the late Padma Shri Tom Alter is a loose adaptation of American author Edgar Allan Poe's classic short story - THE TELL-TALE HEART.

Set in Delhi, the movie opens with a happening singer at a local pub Daksh Sikka (Vibhav Roy) getting attracted to Aarika (Saeeda Imtiaz). Daksh is vulnerable, he is a drug addict frequently haunted by his dark past. His impulsive nature makes him violent and dangerous; this spells doom in his relationship with Aarika. One night, he gets violent with her resulting in Aarika maintaining a safe distance from Daksh.

Meanwhile a senior officer of Narcotics Department (Tom Alter) is after Daksh, he wants him to become a approver so that he can get important leads on top drug peddlers. The dark side of human nature – anger, aghast, jealousy, obsession, loneliness, addiction played key roles in Edgar Allan Poe's classic that had that hook of guilt that made the story standout.

Here the writing is juvenile and unfortunately the characters turn into caricatures. It was not at all pleasant to see Tom Alter in such a get up delivering lines from Ghalib and Bakshi at a drop of a hat without any relevance.

Almost zero characterization and scene establishment make this thriller a prolonged bore. Vibhav Roy tries hard, Saeeda Imtiaz is just plain average, what made Tom Alter say yes to this crap?, helmed by Dhruv Sachdev and Sourabh Bali. Maybe the movie could have been played backwards to make any sense like its name.

Rating 1/5

Movie Cast & Crew
    • Release Date : 01 Jan 1970
    • Movie Duration : 1h 41m