The secret behind Rakesh Roshan's obsession with K factor

The secret behind Rakesh Roshan's obsession with K factor news
Mansoor Khan By Mansoor Khan | 31 Oct 2013 15:34:35.1200000 IST

Rakesh Roshan's KRRISH 3 is all set to release tomorrow. With the massive hype generated the movie will definitely have a fantastic initial draw. Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan has left no stone unturned to make the movie a milestone. From mind-blowing special effects to triple role of Hrithik Roshan and of course, his mascot the 'K' factor (note all his movies being with the initial 'K' like KHOON BHARI MAANG, KISHEN KANHAIYA, KARAN ARJUN, KAHO NAA... PYAAR HAI.)


But do you know how Rakesh Roshan started his obsession with the 'K' factor? According to Rakesh Roshan when he began his home production with KAAMCHOR (1982) the movie was super hit. But the title was not premeditated to begin with 'K'. It was selected as per the script's demand. Later he made JAAG UTHA INSAAN (1984). The movie was directed by K Viswanath, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Rakesh Roshan, Sridevi but the movie flopped. Few years later he decided to produce another movie titled BHAGWAN DADA (1986). To be on a safer side Rakesh Roshan roped his father -in -law and eminent filmmaker J. Om Prakash to direct this movie. The movie had south sensation Rajinikanth playing the title role. The movie also had 12-year old Hrithik Roshan, playing an important child artist's role.

When the movie was launched with huge publicity a fan of Rakesh Roshan wrote him a letter advising him to make the movie with the initial 'K'. He also cited example how KAAMCHOR was a hit and JAAG UTHA INSAAN flopped. However Rakesh Roshan did not pay much heed to the suggestion of his fan and went ahead with the same title. The result was the movie was a disaster!

After the failure of the movie the advice of his fan to make movies with the initial 'K' began reverberating in Rakesh Roshan's memory and he made his next movie KHUDGARZ (1987) with the initial 'K'. This time besides producing he directed the movie himself. The movie was a huge hit thus ushering the K factor in his life.

However, it's not that all his movies with the initial 'K' have succeeded like KING UNCLE (1993), KOYLA (1997), KRAZZY 4 (2008), KITES (2010) bombed at Box-office but this has not deterred Rakesh Roshan to move away from his obsession for the K factor. One wonders will the 'K' factor help KRRISH 3 now?