THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME not another 'friendship movie'

The Spy who loved me (Pic. Courtesy:

David Iserson, co-writer of THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME, says the film's team made a very specific choice that this wouldn't be like other friendship films.

The Lionsgate Films' movie is an action thriller, starring Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon in comical roles.

It centers around two best friends, Audrey and Morgan, who have been trapped in a spy adventure and the only way out is the way through it. Apart from being an action-packed venture, it also focuses on the true friendship between the two main female characters.

"We made a very specific choice in this movie...that this wouldn't be like other friendship movies where at some point they fight and at some point they're separated. We wanted these characters to love each other throughout," Iserson said in a statement to IANS.

Audrey and Morgan are just like any two best friends with different personalities. They have shared feelings, goals, dreams, and at some point even their lives seem to be glued together.

While Audrey is nervous and self-conscious at all times in life, Morgan is just her opposite. She is a struggling actress, who views life as one giant audition, takes extensive risks.

Kunis and McKinnon had something similar in their mind when they first started out with the shooting of THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME.

"It would be like Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt had a baby with 'I Love Lucy'. Kate and I are like Ethel and Lucy," said Kunis.

Actress Gillian Anderson, who is also a part of the film, said: "I was really struck by how much Kate and Mila seem like they've actually known each other for a long time. And the way that they interact on and off camera, they're so clearly comfortable with each other."