THE TRAIN directors explore big budget comedy

View  The Train Movie StillsAfter two back to back thrillers, director duo Raksha Mistry and Hasnain Hyderabadwala have decided to change tracks and would now be exploring different genres. Their next Hindi film would either be an out an out comedy or a romantic comedy.

Confirming the developments Raksha Mistry says, "This is true. Hasnain and myself are into the final stages of choosing between either of the two scripts that we have. Though finishing touches are being given to both the scripts, the one we may end up selecting out of the two would most likely be the hardcore comedy."

Their first two films, THE KILLER and THE TRAIN, both starring Emraan Hashmi in the lead, haven't really set the box office afire. Incidentally both were thrillers. Though THE KILLER did have some light hearted element intertwined into the script, THE TRAIN didn't have any comic relief. Is the non performance of both these films the main reason that has lead Raksha and Hasnain to explore different avenues?

"I won't say that", clarifies Raksha, "In fact we have wanted to venture into a different genre for quite some time but soon after THE KILLER came THE TRAIN and we had two back to back thrillers to our names. Now we have consciously made a decision to do something different from what we have done in the past because we know that we can deliver goods even if the subject is a love story or a comedy. We don?t want to be known as the directors who can only make thrillers."

So what are the kinds of offers up their sleeves today? "Luckily for us, there is no dearth of offers. Though producers still insist that we do thrillers for them due to our past record, they are not closed to our idea of doing something different. One such project that we could be beginning soon is 200 DOLLARS, an English film which is mainly for the festival circuits. To be produced by Asseem Merchant, it would see majority of filming (around 90%) in Afghanistan while remaining 10% would be shot in New York," she explains.

Does that mean that their next Hindi film would be on the backburner for some time? Protests Raksha, "No, I won't call it that way. For our next film we are looking at going bigger; in fact the project would end up to be on much larger scale than THE KILLER or THE TRAIN. We are looking at roping in bigger stars and that would mean waiting for their combination dates. As much as we would like it, it may not turn out to be the case that you get 30 days flat from them and finish the movie in one straight schedule."

Now that she has thrown a pointer about the new film, is she willing to divulge some more details? She says with a smile, "Just wait for a few more days since the modalities are being still worked out. Soon you should be hearing from me about the cast and the producers of the film."

Since shooting for their 200 DOLLARS is beginning in November while aiming for a wrap before the year ends, when can one look at their next commercial project beginning? "If all goes well, we should be ready to roll early 2008 and somewhere around the year ends, you should be able to see our work at theaters," she signs off.